Life AVEDA Hair Treatments, In South Jordan Utah

Special Salon Hair Treatments in South Jordan, Utah 

Plant-Powered Hair Treatments

Our plant-powered hair treatments give you luminous, healthy looking hair. How? By tapping the wisdom of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, and combining it with the power of touch. With aroma-therapeutic essential oils, our treatments create a healthy scalp–the foundation for beautiful hair.  

Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments to meet your personal needs and restore balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair. 

Botanical Hair & Scalp Renewal: Treatment Includes a blow dry

Like a spa service for your head. Begins with a restorative scalp treatment and ends with a transformative moisture or repair treatment. Detoxes your scalp to set the stage for beautiful hair and improves dry hair up to 86% with the power or buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny. 


Add-on: Express Hair Treatment


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Life AVEDA SALON MASTER ARTIST  |  Master Artists have been with Life Salon or Aveda for 5 years plus. Master Artists are always involved in educating co-workers or attending education for themselves. Master Artists have invested a significant amount of personal time and money to be the best of the best.

LIFE AVEDA SALON SENIOR ARTIST  |  Senior Artists have been with Life Salon or Aveda 2.5 years or more. Senior Artist are required to have advance training 4 times a year in addition to all Aveda Training. Senior Artists are required to assist New Artists and educate on a monthly bases.

LIFE AVEDA SALON STUDIO ARTIST |  Studio Artists have been with Life Salon for approximately 1 year. Studio Artists are required to attend all education provided by Aveda. In addition, each stylist has attended 2 advanced classes within this year.

LIFE AVEDA SALON NEW ARTIST  |  New Artists are the newest additions to Life Salon team. Some of our New Artists have been in the beauty industry for a number of years but are new to Life Salon and/or Aveda. Other New Artists are new to the industry and are able to do only a select number of services. A Senior Artist will participate in the consultation and check in periodically to assess progress.

All Life Artists are required to perform Daymaking rituals. We hold our standards high so your experience will be the most relaxing, high quality and best salon experience you have ever had.

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